Matthew 11-12: gift vs giver

Matthew records a statement I’ve not quite noticed before .  Matt 11:20

Then Jesus criticized the cities where he did most of his miracles. He criticized them because the people there did not change their lives and stop sinning.

Matthew 11:20 ICB

I always thought Jesus didn’t donmany miracles in Capernaum for example because he said he a prophet is without honour in his own city. But apparently, he was talking about something else!

He was sad that the people did not believe in Him. They believed the miracles, and they got many of them, but they did not receive Jesus. This is why Jesus went further to invite them to drop their burdens in Matt 11 vs 28. He was more concerned about their souls not their bodies!

And the same reason he rebuked the Pharisees when they asked for a sign

 Jesus answered, “Evil and sinful people are the ones who want to see a miracle for a sign. But no sign will be given to them. The only sign will be what happened to the prophet Jonah.

Matthew 12:39 ICB