New Testament in 6 Months

I have created a schedule to read through the new testament in 6 months from July to December. It’s two chapters a day, Monday to friday. I am going on this challenge first because, I just love reading the bible and I have found reading chuncks of it over a dedicated period of time very uplifting. My second reason is to get more familiar with the  text of the New Living tanslation (NLT) of the bible. I’ve grown up memorizing scriptures from the King James Version (KJV) and now that I tend to use the  NLT more often, I find myself lost trying to quote scriptures in that version. I’ll be reading most of the time from NLT, but I’ll also have The Message version on hand to add some flavour, and that brings me to my third reason. I want to grasp the message of the bible (NT) in contemporay language.
So that’s it. I am looking forward to an exciting time in the word and I hope we all have a great time.
I invite you to subscribe to this blog (check to right corner) as I will try to post something everyday and we can share out thoughts and comments. This will help us keep track and make it more fun and beneficial to all.

Here’s the schedule — New Testament 6-month reading plan (July to December)

God bless…

New Testament 6-month reading plan (July to December)


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