Matthew 7-8: Still on the kingdom lifestyle

Jesus’ teaching continues. There is no wonder the people responded with awe at his teachings. What audacity he had is reinterpreting the laws and the prophet! Indeed, he brought it home and no doubt each person could see his flaws.

Don’t judge and you won’t be judged. 

Think about  that for a moment. How many times do we feel entitled to offer “unsolicited advice”? How about this:

Remove the log in your eye…

Would you really accept that you haveva log!! in your eye!?

Jesus hit on some fundamental radical notes in this passages. It calls for sober reflections. And about fruits

By their fruits you shall know them…

Wow! Fruits! What fruits do our lives produce. Are we proud to show them off?

This kingdom lifestyle is a paradigm shift. It takes the King’s help to live it.
Prayer: Lord your call is a high calling, one I cannot attain by my self. Come live your life in me. Amen


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